Album Of The Week: Various Artists – Hope

Hope Pic

We are pleased to announce that ‘Hope’ is now available in Digipak format from the Fluid Audio web site.

Digital release will follow on 29th June available in all formats from the Fluid Audio digital store.

We thank you for your patience and support and hope that you will enjoy the album.
A big thanks goes out to all the artists involved in the project, and to those that helped make the release possible x


Fluid Audio kick starts it’s catalogue with ‘Hope’, a compilation sprawling across 13 tracks from established artists, Digitonal, Hol Baumann, Ishq, Bersarin Quartet and James Murray, as well as up and coming producers, Field Rotation, Iambic, Snakestyle, Playb, Halogen and Ben Beiny.

As suggested by its title, ‘Hope’, embodies a concept of positivity and the alleviation of strife “through the creative translation of emotion into sounds sent to soothe [and] images formed to inspire”. Artists were asked to create compositions that reflected their interpretation of the term Hope, producing varied yet cohesive results with a profound resonance. 50% of the profits are donated to Toybox, a charity providing aid, shelter and support for homeless children in Latin America, the majority of which are estimated a life expectancy of around four years on the street.

Coupling all of this with the CD’s bespoke artwork and carbon neutral manufacture provides a consumable and tangible product that serves to aid a constructive cause through the medium of music.

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Top 10 Albums For June


After the success of her 3rd solo album “Driftwood”, multi-talented musician, composer, producer, and sound engineer Rena Jones has spent the last 18 months refining and mastering her unique classical take on electronic music, using her new found confidence and inspiration to tell the world a magical musical story in her new full length album: “Indra’s Web”.
In Buddhism and Hinduism, Indra’s Web is a profound metaphor for the structure of reality, representing the interconnectedness and interdependency of all things, describing a rich and diverse universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist between all its elements and entities. Through her composition Rena creates a musical metaphor of this philosophy, exploring a concept of repeated modalities similar to that of Stevie Wonder’s “the Secret life of Plants”, presenting different, yet interconnected themes that repeat themselves throughout the album, making it flow as one unique piece of modern classical electronic music.

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Top 10 Albums For May


Clickits – Express Gifts
‘Express Gifts’ is the debut album from Clickits, amblicated and friably impressive, distilling the essence of melancholic reflection down into a suprising, uplifting album. Opening with what at first appears to be the most ethereal of rhythms, ‘Aramaic’ slowly reveals it’s internal glory as sodden beats cast a glistening web around snatched guitar melodies and faraway strings: a composition so beautiful it’ll make your teeth ache.

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Field Rotation
April 29, 2009, 12:02 pm
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One of the things that we love about running Fluid Radio is the amount of highly talented artists we discover along our journey of bringing you fresh cutting edge sounds. One particular talent is an artist who goes by the name of Field Rotation. We recieved a four track demo a while back and haven’t stopped listening to it since. This guy’s music is very special indeed and I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more from him this year. With his track ‘Regenzeit’ submitted to the Fluid Audio 001 project ‘Hope’, ‘Licht und Schatten’ EP signed up for Fluid Audio 002, Field Rotation is definitely an artist to watch out for in 2009!

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Hope Preview
March 20, 2009, 5:58 pm
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Not long to go now and the first release on Fluid Audio will be released…
If all goes to plan we are looking at an April release. You will be able to grab pre-release copys soon with some nice freebies up for grabs. Join the mailing list on the Fluid Audio site for all the latest news.
For now you can find out more about the release and listen to all the samples here