Album Of The Week: Kilowatts – Undercurrent


As far as record labels go they don’t come any better than Somnia…
Consistantly releasing high quality composisitons coupled with breath taking artwork, they are a label that manage to push boundaries and come up with original projects time after time.
The brand new release ‘Undercurrant’ by Kilowatts is no exception to the rule, and proves yet again that Somnia are leading the way in experimental soundscapes…

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Album Of The Week: Various Artists – Hope

Hope Pic

We are pleased to announce that ‘Hope’ is now available in Digipak format from the Fluid Audio web site.

Digital release will follow on 29th June available in all formats from the Fluid Audio digital store.

We thank you for your patience and support and hope that you will enjoy the album.
A big thanks goes out to all the artists involved in the project, and to those that helped make the release possible x


Fluid Audio kick starts it’s catalogue with ‘Hope’, a compilation sprawling across 13 tracks from established artists, Digitonal, Hol Baumann, Ishq, Bersarin Quartet and James Murray, as well as up and coming producers, Field Rotation, Iambic, Snakestyle, Playb, Halogen and Ben Beiny.

As suggested by its title, ‘Hope’, embodies a concept of positivity and the alleviation of strife “through the creative translation of emotion into sounds sent to soothe [and] images formed to inspire”. Artists were asked to create compositions that reflected their interpretation of the term Hope, producing varied yet cohesive results with a profound resonance. 50% of the profits are donated to Toybox, a charity providing aid, shelter and support for homeless children in Latin America, the majority of which are estimated a life expectancy of around four years on the street.

Coupling all of this with the CD’s bespoke artwork and carbon neutral manufacture provides a consumable and tangible product that serves to aid a constructive cause through the medium of music.

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Origamibiro Exclusive Mix


The talented Tom Hill aka Origamibiro recently did an exclusive mix for Fluid Radio…..
From electroacoustic patterns into modern classical compositions, Tom has managed to blend a gentle journey of uplifting beauty in every sense of the word….

Track List:

01: Origamibiro: Vitreous Detachment
02: Kim Hiorthøy: Forskjellige Gode Ting
03: Talkdemonic: Bering
04: Jackson & His Computer Band: Minidoux
05: Nico Muhly: The Only Tune / III
06: Hauschka: Fernpunkt
07: Arve Henriksen: Blue Sky
08: Dollboy: Juicyfruit
09: Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint
10: Helios: Halving The Compass
11: Jon Brion (Origamibiro Extended Mix) : Peer Pressure
12: Ólafur Arnalds: 0952
13: Origamibiro: Nootaikok’s Demise

Download here

More about Origamibiro below…

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Bluetech Interview
June 3, 2009, 4:52 pm
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There are some electronic composers of the modern day that hold an intention so pure, so clear & conscious – and know how to communicate this through their music. Evan Bluetech is one of these sacred sonic artists. I’ll never forget when I first heard his sound. Naasko (Interchill Records) began playing some of Bluetech’s sublime dubby sounds from his upcoming first album Prima Materia at Submerge Chill Festival in 2005 here in Australia – I was instantly hooked. The sound was intelligent, hypnotic and so very unique. I dropped him an email expressing my interest in his sound – Prima Materia was released a little later & so began the journey of Bluetech. I’ve avidly followed Evan’s sonic journey over the years as he’s released his five stellar albums as Bluetech, and countless other releases as Evan Bartholomew & Evan Marc. It was great to finally meet him when he finally graced our shores this past summer, and I felt honored to play side by side with him at Rainbow Serpent Festival. His presence & personality are just as brilliant as the otherwordly deep melodics he creates, as you will see from the interview that follows. A pioneer in the IDM & downbeat realms, I look forward to hearing what sonic gifts he will present next. Evan currently resides in Hawaii, and I was lucky enough to catch up with him online during his busy tour schedule for his latest release “Divine Invasion” on Aleph-Zero Records…
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Iambic vs Halogen
June 3, 2009, 12:55 pm
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The talented UK artists Halogen and Iambic recently got together to perform an exclusive live improvised set for Fluid Audio. The outcome is very special indeed and has to be heard to sum up what they managed to achieve.
Crossing over into new uncharted territroy, the guys are pushing electroacoustic frequencies to the next level in futuristic sounds and I have a feeling this is the start of a special relationship between the two artists.

We are offering up the performance as a free download as a way of saying thanks to all who have supported Fluid Audio over the last few months.

Big love goes out to Adam and Guy for making this happen 😉

Download the set here

More information on the artists below….

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Top 10 Albums For June


After the success of her 3rd solo album “Driftwood”, multi-talented musician, composer, producer, and sound engineer Rena Jones has spent the last 18 months refining and mastering her unique classical take on electronic music, using her new found confidence and inspiration to tell the world a magical musical story in her new full length album: “Indra’s Web”.
In Buddhism and Hinduism, Indra’s Web is a profound metaphor for the structure of reality, representing the interconnectedness and interdependency of all things, describing a rich and diverse universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist between all its elements and entities. Through her composition Rena creates a musical metaphor of this philosophy, exploring a concept of repeated modalities similar to that of Stevie Wonder’s “the Secret life of Plants”, presenting different, yet interconnected themes that repeat themselves throughout the album, making it flow as one unique piece of modern classical electronic music.

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Artist Performances For June On Fluid


Another month of great artists on Fluid.
We hope you enjoy

All performances are 7pm UK time zone!

Wed 3rd
Origamibiro Vol.2

Fri 5th
bvdub – A Prayer To False Gods

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