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June 3, 2009, 4:52 pm
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There are some electronic composers of the modern day that hold an intention so pure, so clear & conscious – and know how to communicate this through their music. Evan Bluetech is one of these sacred sonic artists. I’ll never forget when I first heard his sound. Naasko (Interchill Records) began playing some of Bluetech’s sublime dubby sounds from his upcoming first album Prima Materia at Submerge Chill Festival in 2005 here in Australia – I was instantly hooked. The sound was intelligent, hypnotic and so very unique. I dropped him an email expressing my interest in his sound – Prima Materia was released a little later & so began the journey of Bluetech. I’ve avidly followed Evan’s sonic journey over the years as he’s released his five stellar albums as Bluetech, and countless other releases as Evan Bartholomew & Evan Marc. It was great to finally meet him when he finally graced our shores this past summer, and I felt honored to play side by side with him at Rainbow Serpent Festival. His presence & personality are just as brilliant as the otherwordly deep melodics he creates, as you will see from the interview that follows. A pioneer in the IDM & downbeat realms, I look forward to hearing what sonic gifts he will present next. Evan currently resides in Hawaii, and I was lucky enough to catch up with him online during his busy tour schedule for his latest release “Divine Invasion” on Aleph-Zero Records…
Why the choice of the name “Divine Invasion” for your latest Bluetech album – what does this mean to you?

Divine Invasion is a reference to sci-fi Gnostic author Philip K. Dick, and is a really fantastic book. He wrote a trilogy of books exploring Gnostic concepts through the premise of a science fiction story, though really the story is merely a container for him to explore metaphysical concepts.

Are there any other upcoming releases or projects you are involved in that you would like to talk about?

Lots of upcoming projects this year, including a number of collaborations, though I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet until the music is closer to completion.
However, there are two projects relating to The Divine Invasion coming out soon- one is a remixes digital EP to Honey in the Heart EP from Aleph Zero, with remixes by Guy J, System 7 & Fiord and a bonus track that is not on the album.
The second is a special vinyl release with two track from the album that might interest vinyl freaks and DJs and collectors. It’s a special clear 9” vinyl done in collaboration with Glowtronics, a DJs accessories company. Best check it out here (I think can already pre-order it)-

Why do you choose to live in Hawaii? Tell us a little bit about where you live…

I love Hawaii. I lived here about 10 years ago, and the power and mana of this land has always been an inspiration in my work. I’m not really tuned to city life. After too long in the city, the concrete starts feeling incredibly wrong, and I miss the frequency of the ground beneath my feet. I’m living in the jungles of Puna on the big island with my partner, and spend lots of time cultivating rare and exotic plants, seedlings, and rescuing as many struggling plants as we can from nurseries and stores to bring them home and sing them back into life.

When and where was your first gig? Tell us about it…

My first live gig in the current incarnation of Bluetech was in Los Angeles in a small club. No one had any idea who I was, but luckily my friends and family showed up so I wasn’t playing for no one.

Out of all of your musical projects which are quite diverse ie. Bluetech vs Evan Marc – what is your favorite sonic direction currently?

All directions at once. The music is holographic, and though I may explore particular facets of the expression through different aliases at different points in time, they all emanate from the same source.

What other artists are currently inspiring you and why?

Jon Hopkins new album Insides is a masterpiece. Love that guy!!! He has an incredible sense of composition and attention to detail which really takes his music to another level. I am also quite fond of Kilowatts and all his expressions, and consistently hear a vibration of genius in his music.

Aside from creating music, what else inspires you in this life?

I’m really into plants and living things. Being aware of the currents of life, and acknowledging the intelligence and wisdom of growing things. If you only quiet the mind and listen with the heart, the Natural world has so much to teach. I’m an active dreamer, and gain music knowledge and direction from the dream sphere.

You recently visited Australia for the first time and played at Rainbow Serpent Festival– how was this experience for you? Highlights?

I got really blessed by getting opening set on the main stage, and the closing set of the whole festival, so I feel that my music had maximum impact. It was awesome to bring my work to a new country and find that people were already tuned to these frequencies.

What’s the best thing about working with Aleph Zero Records?

They have a great sense of marketing and really put a lot of energy into making beautiful CD’s and going the extra mile.

Why have you dedicated your life to making and playing music? What does it mean to you?

Maybe because I’m not good at anything else? Haha! I honestly don’t know what I would do with myself other than music, except for growing plants maybe.

If you could impart some wisdom to all of your fans in the world – what would you say?

Listen. In the deepest sense of the word. All answers are embedded within already in the still small voice. The heart is a resonator vibrating with the oscillations of life, if you only quiet yourself and listen.

Anything else you would like to add?

Plant something, anything!

Interview by Becca Dakini

Dj Dakini / Events, Concepts & Soundscapes

Omelette Records Label Dj – Australia

For more information on Bluetech check here:

For more information on Aleph Zero Records check here:


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thanks for this interview, i enjoyed reading. his music has had a very deep resonance in my life.

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