Album Of The Week: Jacaszek – Treny
May 5, 2009, 12:41 am
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Jacaszek – Treny

Marsen Jules, Arvo Part, Zbigniew Preisner’s soundtrack work for Krzysztof Kieslowski, Deaf Center, Max Richter, Erik Satie, Alberto Iglesias – if you are familiar and in awe of any or all of these names then this  album on the exceptional Miasmah label will no doubt end up on your essential listening pile for the foreseeable future. Jacaszek has managed with “Treny” to assemble an album so heart-stoppingly beautiful and personal that we’ve been stunned into silence for its entire 55 minute duration.

With string arrangements provided courtesy of Stefan Wesolowski, the foundations of the album are set with Cello and Violin painting fragile outlines coloured by subtle electronic manipulations, harp, piano and reduced, haunting operatic voices. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Michael Jacaszek doesn’t make use of any samples, with everything on the album assembled by the musicians on hand (notably Maja Sieminska, Anja Smiszek-Wesolowska and Wesolowski and Jcaszek themselves) – and the subtle grandeur of the album is almost impossible to take in over one sitting, even if the impact is absolutely immediate. This is the kind of album that you just cannot believe a bijou imprint like Miasmah is able to lay its hands on – such is the scale of its success that it feels like a hugely important piece of work, far outweighing almost anything else we’ve heard in the modern classical field these last eighteen months. Cinematic without ever feeling contrived, “Treny” is surely one of the most impressive, mystical and astonishing albums of the year – we just cannot imagine that anyone listening to it will fail to be utterly bowled over and taken in – listen to the previews and you’ll get an idea of just what we mean. Deaf Center’s Miasmah label has slowly and carefully assembled a life-changing catalogue of releases designed to enrich and expand our musical horizons, and with “Treny” they have just delivered their most complete and compelling musical statement to date. We absolutely implore you to check this album out, one of the year’s most important releases thus far. – Boomkat review


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