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April 30, 2009, 2:33 am
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Ok here’s the deal…
Fluid Radio has been streaming now for a year and within that time the playlist has been gradually changing, growing into more experimental sounds. This has brought the station many new listeners which is great, but….yes there is always a but!
I want to make sure that we don’t scare off the listeners who have been with us since day one, and so have been thinking seriously about creating a new stream dedicated to a more experimental sound.

Don’t worry….This does not mean I am thinking of doing away with the current playlist selection that we have. I’m thinking more along the lines of having two seperate streams running parallel with eachother. It would work like this…
The Fluid Radio web link would still take you to the home page. The difference would be that you would have the choice of listening to two alternative streams. One would play ambient, idm, glitch, downtempo styles whilst the second new stream would be playing more experimental electroacoustic, modern classical, minimalist styles.
Each stream would have it’s own web site dedicated to information on the particularly music that you have chosen to listen to.
It’s just an idea and I would value your input before any decisions are made. You can either leave a comment on the form below, or contact me here
Look forward to hearing your views.


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Sounds like a great idea.
I am digging the current sounds on the playlist and the choice of having an alternative as well can only be a good thing. DO IT!

Comment by Rob

Hi Dan
Think you know my views on more experimental sounds dude. Bring it on!
Love n Light from the Lexman chilling on the West Coast x

Comment by Lex

y not 🙂

Comment by Adam

Hey Dan,

Ditto what Lex said…I think it sounds like a top idea!

Hope all is well


Comment by Andy

I like the idea as long as there is plenty of Murcof playing 🙂

Comment by Ela

Good idea, while I like a lot of EE, you need a change every so often. Go for it.

Comment by Michael McGahon

Thanks for the feedback guys..

Also had lots of emails encouraging the idea so it looks like I’ll go for it.

Ok here’s a test stream…
Let me know if it works ok
It’s got some older material on there at the moment as I am in the middle of converting a mountain of new beauties to the correct bit rate before uploading to the server

A newly designed web site to go with the new stream will be on the hit list as well and will keep you posted on here through the mailing list/rss feed

Comment by fluidblog

Listening to the test stream now and it sounds gorgeous Dan.
Can’t wait to hear the live version with all the new material.

Comment by Lex

Listening now and impressed to say the least

Comment by Greg

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