The Divine Invasion
April 23, 2009, 1:07 pm
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Since being told by the Aleph Zero guys that a promo was on its way I was very excited to know what Evan was going to come up with on the third Bluetech album. I had heard the samples and to be honest couldn’t really tell if this was going to meet my high expectations. I can honestly  say that it did and more! Evan has managed to bring together the original Bluetech sound, and yet at the same time come up with something completly new….

Bluetech – The Divine Invasion

In the Divine Invasion Bluetech, a master of downtempo electronica, goes deeper and farther into new uncharted territories. From his distinct mellow oceanic ambience, emerge playful complex sound games and subtle yet sweeping currents of emotion, amalgamating into wordless songs. Bluetech is a master in the art creating danceable music full of ambiance.
Hosted in this release are electronic music pioneers Mirror System (aka System 7), progressive dancefloor masters Ave Ventura and Lish, and Aleph Zero’s own Eitan Reiter.


Evan Bluetech has long established himself as one of the leading artists in the downtempo and chillout world. Operating for years out of the West Coast of America, and recently moving to Hawaii, Bluetech has been spreading his unique vision of downtempo electronica, combining dubby beats with his distinct spacey atmosphere, and sublime melodies. Classically trained on the piano for public performing, Evan deviated from the traditional structure of classical music and began to relearn the instrument from an energetic and tonal perspective. This resulted in his interpretation of nature’s expression of being, establishing a playing style that is dronal ambient, downtempo and improvisational. Inspired by the possibilities of telling musical stories through tone and rhythm transaction and by the emerging chillout scene in the early 90’s, he began to compose music with electronic instruments.
Bluetech already has behind him successful albums and many tracks on compilations from respected labels around the world. He collaborated with leading artists such as Shulman, Pitch Black and Steve Hillage. His last album Sines and Singularities, was a huge success, topping the downtempo charts and recieving amazing reviews world wide including the New York Times, who dubbed Bluetech as ‘one of the best ambient artists’. Bluetech has established a reputation all around the world during extensive touring for bringing a high energy charge to downtempo music. His sets give space for relaxation and movement as well as injecting cosmic funky dub into the dncefloor.


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