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April 17, 2009, 8:58 pm
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Browsing the net this evening I discovered some more talented artists that are well worth checking out…

Erik Otto

I consider myself a process artist and it is often during the act of scavenging for materials that I meditate and develop the concepts for the work I am about to create. I often leave the initial stages of my work open and uncertain while intuitively working out a resolution that will decide its final outcome based on the suggestive qualities of the medium and materials at hand.

Through my artwork and installations, I am narrating an autobiographical story that depicts the struggle to connect my awakened state to the desires found within. Pulling from what builds me as well as what tries to destroy me, my goal is that through my work, I may find peace in creating and questioning my own existence. In a world that seems to have fallen apathetic in wanting to make a difference, my hope is that my artwork is an honest reminder of the importance of dreams and the necessity of living a life of significance.




Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor died in the year 2037 at the young age of 57. It is still unclear the exact cause of his death, but there have been a couple of people who were close to Josh that started noticing weird things. While Josh was a private person throughout his life, young Tim McAllister (a neighbor) was sometimes allowed into Josh’s house. Josh had Tim run to the store to buy groceries or to mail out some prints. When asked if he noticed anything strange in the days prior to Josh’s death, Tim replied, “Yeah, a couple days before Mr. Taylor died, I had came in the back door and found Josh at his drawing table. He had his arm shoved elbow deep into his mouth. It really freaked him out when he saw me, and he tried covering up all the weirdness. He sure was strange.” This is important though, because when the autopsy was being performed, Josh was completely cut open. On the inside of his body, it was discovered that Josh had been using his innards as a canvas. While only seen by a handful of people, it has been reported that the art INSIDE of Josh is leaps and bounds greater than anything else done by anybody, anywhere. Unfortunately, the Government seized control of all works of art in the year 2012 (music was seized around 1985), so it will not be issued until the Government decides what to do with it. It is doubtful that it will ever be seen, because his art is dark and controversial. It challenges all authority. It inspires people to question, it inspires people to seek change. One can only wonder what was created inside Josh, perhaps someday we will all be so lucky to see.




Krescent Carasso

Krescent Carasso was born in St. Audustine, Florida. She has been painting for the past eleven years and recently graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Bachelor oF Fine Arts Degree. Although primarily known for her paintings, in recent years Krescent has also established herself as a Bay Area film maker, screening in festivals such as the Santa Cruz Female Film Festival and Madcat International Film Festival. She now currently lives and works in San Francisco.




Ursula Young

Illustrator, (Parsons School of Design, New York, Illustration BFA 1996) painter and graphic designer, Ursula exhibits frequently around the US and has sold work in London, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Alaska, Phoenix and Singapore. Her design work and unique urban fairytale illustrations are now a familiar trademark of San Francisco’s underground culture. Her frequent design for bay area record labels: Om records, Loveslap recordings, SoulFood, Safe in Sound, Panhandle records and Clean recordings can be found in record stores worldwide – her most recent endevour being the illustration for the cover of the ‘Om Lounge 9’ compilation. Her involvement in the electronic music scene has presented Ursula with an inspiration and backdrop in which to show her art, and over the last 12 years her illustrations and designs have been used on cd’s, flyers, posters and installations in nightclubs and venues. In 1999 she helped start a bay area creative events listings magazine called ‘Sensory Guide’ and has designed and written for such magazines as Drop magazine in NY and XLR8R magazine in San Francisco. In 2005 Ursula had the opportunity to live in a mountain village in Alaska, she embraced the experience and in three months had two solo exhibits and one of her paintings on the front page of the Anchorage Press promoting her Anchorage show. Originally from Northern England, Ursula spent ten years living in the lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco where she was highly involved in an arts and music community that thrives there. For the past few years her travels have taken her from Cambodia to Alaska to France to Indonesia to New York to Brazil, all the while getting inspired and continuing to do what she loves most – create.
She is currently living and creating the foothills of the Sierras and shows her work frequently in the bay area.




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