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April 4, 2009, 5:26 pm
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Somnia is proud to present an atmospheric and delicate journey through textural dub landscapes and machinistic techno ambience. Exquisite sculptures of reverb drenched chords and clicky percussion wind and float their way through hazy electronic vistas.

Representing a palette of restrained minimalism and more beat oriented fragment of the somnia aesthetic, this 9 track album establishes p. laoss, a.k.a vakuum sounds (native state records) as a mature and thoughtful designer of intricate dub and digitalia.
Limited to 777 copies worldwide, soy inks on recycled paper, sewn and sealed in wax with incredible cover art by Ray Massini


The man behind The Sight Below (and, of course, the excellent Daydreaming album on Miasmah) returns with a gorgeous, limited edition 7″ for new Chicago imprint, Immune. The Seattle-dwelling composer teams up with Dany Norbury for ‘Hopes And Past Desires’, a mesmerising, hauntingly beautiful piece of music comprised of exchanges between muffled electric piano chords and Norbury’s otherworldly, reverberant strings. In terms of its constituent parts this is an incredibly simple piece of music, but there’s magic in these grooves, and Irisarri’s music makes a resoundingly haunting contribution to the realm of electronic/modern classical composition. Flip over and ‘Watching As She Reels’ is suggestive of a more upbeat take on Deaf Center’s Pale Ravine, or perhaps a more minimal Library Tapes; there’s a certain sepia-tinted quality to these sounds, and the whole exercise seems soaked in memory and a sense of nostalgia (for something or other) that always manages to avoid outright sentimentality. Absolutely sublime music – pick one up while you can.


A few travels Sweden to France and vice-versa; constant bandwidth; and duo H.U.V.A. Network composed an album of immersive tunes infused with oneiric trip-hop, ambient geometry’s and morning trance.
[ Ephemeris ] is a deep sonic ground swell, an album of contrasts, 10 tracks structured upon subterranean bass lines, transversal and luminous pads, crisp, crunchy beats. A mesmerising ensemble of fresh atmospheres and intense, forward driving melodies.
The inspiration for the album title comes from the artists Vincent Villuis and Magnus Birgersson’s collaboration process, determined by the patterns of encounter in time and space, the alignment of creative moods and co-ordination of life’s innate forces.


LA-based electronic musician, multimedia artist and mad scientist collector Steve Nalepa combines deep dub bass, glitchy breaks, bioacoustic atmospheres and beautiful sinewave melodies to create his patented brand of ambient glitch dub. Nalepa has produced tracks with such legends as Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders, worked with the LA Philharmonic, shared a bill with Amon Tobin and DJ Spooky at Walt Disney Concert Hall, rocked Flavorpill’s Friday’s Off the 405 Series at the Getty Museum and performed on The Do Lab Stage at Coachella 2007. Nalepa is one of the artists featured in Visionaire 53 SOUND which includes 100 original sound pieces by David Byrne, U2, Danger Mouse, Dan The Automator, Yoko Ono and more. Nalepa’s Flatlands project drops March 20th on 1320 Records


Includes Monday (Glitch Mob Remix), voted #2 in XLR8R Best Mp3s of 2008, + remixes from Heyoka, Ruxpin, Deru, Nosaj Thing, [a]pendics.shuffle, David Last, RD, RaNDom, Slidecamp, Kero, Rena Jones, Kraddy, Aerostatic and Bluetech!!!


As dusk settles in and many people are winding down for the evening, a few of the chosen ones are slowly pulling open their blinds to a darkening synthetically lit world. Vampire Sunrise is the soundtrack to the elusive beings whom we never see yet ever so often run across while we move throughout the neon lit nightscape. As dusk first sets and the clock turns to six the computer starts the vampiric morning off with Colourform’s light ambient tune Magic Carpet (with a special Ishq remix soundscape), The slow movement to rise is then beckoned on with the slightly more upbeat Spirit Happening that was handcrafted by Evan Bartholomew. While stiffened from the daylit rest our friend stretches out his sleep stiffened body as Overflow provides a perfect segwey to the immortals first sip of the nocturnes espresso, with Scintilla. As Is by (val)Liam then sets what would be a mortals version of a pancake breakfast with its lush yet quietly energetic flow. The plasma screen displays a CGI sunrise for our waking friend, as Distant System’s Lost Sequence ushers in a sense of foreboding fate, the prospect of an endless nocturnal existence, with the tracks soulful yearns of the absence of light. Ishvara’s Nomad Arabian rmx however, brings forth memories that no other mortals could ever have experienced and changes the mood to a focus of the gift that was bestowed ages ago. Open Systems Rise and Shine reinforces that the night is for the immortal with its upbeat tone. As the ambience of the morning dusk starts to fade, the artificially lit city skyline is observed in silence through the window. Finally the time to prowl amongst the living has come and the minimal techno beat Nub which KiloWatts has created puts an end to the morning and starts the day or as the mortals would say the night…from here who knows where the day will end. The plasma screen is turned off as the sun has risen and our friend exits his door as the last beat of the Vampire Sunrise fade out. Compiled by Pete Pan.


(val)Liam’s debut album “Daydreamer” being released on Celestial Dragon Records is a musical journal written by Liam Skogland documenting moments when the mind drifts off and becomes free, yielding to vivid imagination. The result are ten tracks covering a wide variety of influences, tones and moods that draw the listener out of the everyday mundane into a space where they create realities of their own.”
The scheduled release date is April 10 of 2009.
This is a beautiful album very reminiscent of ishq – orchid yet very much unto its own style bringing in both idm and progressive elements.

Track List:

01 Gaia
02 Happy Accidents
03 Freefall
04 Earth
05 Somewhere Not Here
06 Lotus Dancing
07 The Mystic
08 Solace
09 In Samsara
10 Daydreamer


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