Ray Massini
April 1, 2009, 10:41 pm
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Ray Massini is the much talked about talent providing the art work for the wonderful Somnia Records releases. His work is unique, magical and vibrant, bringing together elements of nature, sound and mystical beauty in each of his creations…

“I spent the early part of my life fascinated by all modes of artistic expression, trying everything I could on, singing for bands, exploring my personal aesthetic vision through different mediums. Anything that I do creatively comes from pure emotion, it’s an expression of things that lie beneath the surface.

I’ve always been inspired by nature, I think it is obvious in my work. I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2008, and began working on a private botanical estate called Hale Mohalu, in Opihikao. While I was working and living there, I began to have waking dreams, and experiences of orbs of light moving along the old ancestral trails of lower Puna. I’ve always had a sensitivity to the energy of plants and natural forms, drawing inspiration and wisdom from them. This experience of the orbs has solidified that connection however, and I feel that in some ways the orbs are emmisaries of the spirits of the plants. I give voice to these things which have no voice through my artwork, and try to capture a piece of the energy that they carry in the canvases that I create.

My whole life I’ve been aware of this uncurrent of the natural world, but being on the big island of Hawaii has intensified that experience, made it more tangible somehow, as if through my creation I am a speaker for these invisible and subtle things.

The paintings come to me already formed, as if they already exist somewhere, and Im merely receiving the transmission of their physical form. The paint becomes like music, weaving a song across the open space of the canvas, telling a story through color and light that can only be told through this medium.”

Ray Massini, Spring 2009








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What people don’t know about my brother is along with all his natural born talent, he has the most beautiful heart and loving kind ways. I am very blessed in my life to call him brother and best friend. x

Comment by lori massini morgan

An artist friend of mine told me once: “Art evokes emotion. I hate it when people say ‘that’s nice’ about one of my pieces. Its supposed to piss you off, make you feel love, happiness, joy or pain. Whatever the art does for you it is supposed too. This is the reason for creating it, the beauty of evoking emotion in others. That is why I am an artist.” I found her words stiring, in every medium of art. Mine is writing, before I understood what art was I didn’t have the emotion to put on paper. I wrote from this profit based, greed, sexual predatory mindset. Getting in touch with my light, myself and the beauty of all there is; I have found my drive, my inspiration. Now I bleed, upon the pages and pulled from a story that I must have already written. It flows from somewhere inside. Thank you for sharing your paintings. I am especially moved by the blue spheres. I see the coming of the awakening in that one.
with love, Rochelle, Author The Stone People

Comment by rochellefoulk

I am so proud of my brother. Ray, being self taught makes his work even more impressive. Many of you know him as an artist. I know him as a brother and as a person and best friend. His work expresses his inner self. Beauty, passion,realism ,humor and hard core honesty.

To say I love him and admire him would be fair. To say I’d die for him would be brutally
honest and true!

Comment by Lori Massini-Morgan

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