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April 1, 2009, 11:21 pm
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Lets kick things off Guy by finding out some more about the free ep ‘Echos’ that you have coming out in April. It seems to be causing quite a stir at the moment and we would all love to know more….

The Echos EP was a result of me wanting to get more stuff out to the fans who’ve supported me so much over websites such as Myspace and since my first release in 2007. The 7 track EP includes some of my very favourite tunes which were made over the past couple years and also a remix by Halogen.

The EP will be a joint release between Frisk Records and Matenity Media. As the EP is free, the idea was that in return for the free download, the listener would sign up to my mailing list. That way I can keep in touch with my fan base in the future and alert them of any gigs or releases coming up.
The overall theme of the album is quite different to my previous releases; I’ve adopted a more ‘live’ style that I can perform with my band and it’s really fun seeing how the songs translate to a live situation. All the songs are pretty drum based and combine a lot of live instrumentation, but always keep the electronic element that I’m known for. Fusing the two elements of live instrumentation and electronics together is a really fun task, so I find making this style really enjoyable.

There are rumours that you also have a full album completed and on the horizon….is there a release date for the new album?

Yeah that’s true, my main efforts over the past year were focussed on completing my new full length LP, Somnia Records approached me last year with a really unique concept to work with. I’m not sure when it’ll get released yet but I’m hoping it’ll be out this year.

What can we expect from the new album Guy as the last ep ‘Move’ had a much different feel to it musically. Does the new album follow on from ‘Move’ or have you gone in a new direction musically?

Both the LP and the Echos EP adopt a similar kind of electronic-ambient-post rock-breakbeat-acoustic style, as that’s what I am mainly writing at the moment. My older tunes always seemed to have a certain melancholic feeling to it, but the newer stuff is more powerful and just happier sounding. It’s music to chill to. The Move EP was music to analyse texturally due to its slightly bizarre (by today’s standards) recording concept, whereas my first two albums were overall pretty sad sounding albums. So it’s nice to cover a lot of emotions in music.

Is the album based around a certain theme Guy, and what influences helped with the production of the album?

The only theme of the Echos EP was in the production, I started to learn how to play the Saxophone for both my new albums, so that’s included a lot, but in a more textural sense rather than in the cheesy saxophone solo way. The LP has a massive theme to it, the album represents an entire day and the way I wrote it was to let the listener interpret his or her own events that occur in the day. It’s an album I’m really proud of as I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on something as I did with that!

Production wise, can you give us some in-depth info on what went on in the studio for the new album…

The Echos EP is really sample intensive, most of which are samples I recorded myself. For me it’s quite experimental going into the realm of real instruments rather than synthesisers, a lot of the time I was trying to make the instruments sound like a synthesiser generated them. For example in the massive break down in the middle of the tune ‘Transitions’ I used a Violin bow on my guitar to create this huge soundscape style pad sound, which one would think came from a synthesiser but it has that organic element that synthesisers can’t quite recreate. I also layered recordings of myself quite badly playing the Violin to add more texture to the sound.

Run us through a typical scenario of how one of the tracks from the album came into being through your creative process in the studio.

Normally it starts off with either the drums or a chord progression and then I build up the tunes in layers from there on. Bass is always added early on as its such a crucial element and often I add an acoustic guitar riff to create a more dense sound. I still don’t tend to write anything before I start producing a tune, its always a case of improvising with the rest of the tune on loop until something comes up, then recording it straight away and moving it on to the next part. The down side to this is that I always forget how to play the parts when it comes to taking it to the band to play live. That’s when the formal sit-down-and-write attitude is better because everything is already scored or tabbed out, and in front of you when you come to record.

You also have an ep coming out soon on Fluid Audio called ‘Dials’. After listening to the samples on the Fluid Audio web site it sounds like the release has a much more experimental sound going on. What can you tell us about this ep…

This was a really interesting project to work on, I was set the theme of the four seasons and had to write four tunes around about 8 minutes long each with no percussive elements, yet still acoustic sounding. Not being able to use drums was the hardest part of writing this, but it also taught me that programmed drums can really hinder how a track evolves. It’s a lot easier to switch things up completely half way and make it still sound consistent when just using strings, piano and synths.
I’m really lucky to have some really talented friends, so for the Echos EP and the Dials EP I have been getting some of my best friends to supply the artwork. The Dials EP artwork is completely hand drawn; whereas the Echos EP is largely built upon a photo my friend Steven Hogarty took using an old camera from the 1960’s.

It sounds like its been a very busy time in the studio of late, can we expect to see iambic on the road at any gigs in the next few months?
Yes indeed. The majority of my live performances this Summer seem to be laptop sets but so far my current bookings are:

5 Jun 2009      Waveform ’In The City’, London
12 Jun 2009     The Vintners [full band], Worthing
26 Jun 2009     Fluid Audio launch @ inSpiral, London
3 Jul 2009     Offworld festival [laptop set]
16 Jul 2009     Glade Festival [laptop + dj set]


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