Iambic Live


The talented Guy Andrews aka Iambic recently did a live laptop set at Waveform Festival’s Gaia Chill area. Here is you chance to listen/download the whole performance…

Listen/Download here


At the age of 20, with two albums already released, another in progress and other songs appearing on various compilations, the London based producer Guy Andrews (aka iambic) is already making his mark in the electronic music scene.

The iambic project is loosely based around the ambient genre but takes influences from genres such as jazz, IDM, post-rock, hip hop and more. The music is aimed at capturing the vibe that was present at the time of recording, whether it be evocative, relaxed or melancholic; the listener should be able to either pick up on these emotions or interpret it in their own way.

After the success of the first album ‘Under These Stars, We’ll Sleep Again’ which was released on the Austrian based label ‘Laridae Records’ at the start of 2007 and the much anticipated follow up ‘As The Snow Fell’ released in February 2008, iambic has received a large amount of interest from both promoters and other labels both in the UK and abroad. ‘Under These Stars, We’ll Sleep Again’ and ‘As The Snow Fell’ have both proven to be two of Laridae’s most popular releases ever; which has created an international iambic fan base.

Guy also performs iambic songs live. His previous gigs include many smaller events in the UK and the renowned ‘Wide Open Eyes Shut’ in Graz, Austria. 
Currently, Guy is rehearsing with a full live band to take the act to the next level and will start playing various venues from April 2008. They will be performing a whole range of new and exciting songs plus songs from both previous albums.

For more information and the latest news please visit


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