Aligning Minds – Reality Tunnels
February 3, 2009, 7:34 pm
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We are pleased to announce that the recent Aligning Minds mix “Reality Tunnels” has now been made available for download due to popular demand. We heard about these guys early last year and have been following them closely ever since. Blending IDM, mellow DnB fused with layers of gentle ambience, I have a strong feeling Aligning Minds are an act to watch out for in 2009…Download the mix here

Track List:

1.Aligning Minds – Aura of Indigo
2. Aligning Minds – Gate Torch 
3. Aligning Minds – Knowledge of the Rift
4. Aligning Minds – Still Amiss
5. Aligning Minds – Hypnotic Material
6. Aligning Minds – Satsang Orchard
7. Aligning Minds – My Dying Dove
8. The Great Mundane – No Dumping in Jersey (aligning minds rmx)

Aligning Minds is two beings using music to induce emotion for the purpose of healing and transcendence. Manifesting our soul purpose into a musical form we have created a focal point of unlimited creativity, in hopes of inspiring the same in others.

Our formative years were spent in Western Maryland, using the isolated locale to our artistic advantage. Far away from any type of “scene”, we went internal and always found what we were looking for in ourselves instead of in the external world. The lack of human participants and the availability of computers and the internet caused us to start twisting technology in our favour, after years of parallel effort we decided to unite into one project. Our music mirrors both our lives in the fact that it’s all about balance and opposites. For example, always having a deep appreciation and fascination with ideas of futurism, and complex synthetic forms of art and music, but at the same time appreciating the simplicity of nature and the way it just is.

This is where you will find our style somewhere in between the comfortable day dreamy depths of our psyche and the aesthetic sense of emotion and how easily it is aroused. Utilizing software production techniques, found sound, and a varying array of vocalists, we purvey a style that is melodic and bass heavy. It’s emotionally charged future music that rides on hypnotic breakbeats, infectious basslines, dubby soundscapes, and idm experimentation for one to dance or lounge too. Focusing on the audible yet the intangible it is designed to evoke emotion and awareness in both ourselves and the listener.

The current aim of our project is to take these sounds- and to share them, to cross stylistic and emotional boundaries, to unite people and their ideas, to spread the seed of common understanding – and to drop some muthaf—in’ bass in the process. All ideals aside, this is music from the imaginations, hearts and souls of two producers who want to use music to unite people and assist in positive growth and change.


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damn good music and vedios i like very much

Comment by Anil Gharti

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