Rumpistol – Dynamo
January 5, 2009, 3:27 am
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Progressively structured and playfully experimental, Rumpistol’s deeply textured pieces brim with three-dimensional life as micro-beats fizz beneath deep bass grooves and fleeting acoustic melodies. Being a balance between introverted expression and a more outward-looking experience, Rumpistol pursues an ongoing alternation between melancholy and optimism which adds a ting of nostalgia as well as a cinemascope aesthetic to proceedings. Behold ‘Dynamo’!

Running through 8 tracks over the course of 45 minutes, ‘Dynamo’ sees Rumpistol throw in a host of influences that on paper would never match, but on disc have been formed into a vibrant and finely-meshed opus of imagination and creativity. Across its bulk, heavy-duty dubstep vibrations sit aside melancholic drum’n’bass whilst micro-orchestral melodies maneuver between bass-heavy funk and abstract electronica. Coupled with ultra-warm and oh so inviting analog production techniques, the vivacious sound teeters on the edge of being lifelike.
From the tempo shifting toy-fiddling melodics of ‘Analog’ to the mellow click’n’cut glitchhop of ‘Mobile’, ones comparisons to Ninja Tune’s Bonobo wouldn’t be far off. Instead of plying that agenda across ‘Dynamo’, he spices things up with a healthy dose of variation. One thing that he excels in is his ability to create atmospheric soundscapes that pulse life-like thanks to sporadically arranged and glitched-out shards of bristly electronics. The opener embodies this formula to the fullest and sounds like it has been scored for a David Attenborough documentary on mysterious underwater life-forms. Referencing Murcof, Monolake and Berasin Quartett, it’s buoyant and three dimensional beat stretches and contracts rubber like under a restless spawn of electro-glitch, spooky atmospherics and melancholic melodics. This mysterious and shrouded theme stems through the release and ‘Kocmoc’, a track that is Amon Tobin like in its execution, moves purposefully with a broodingly dark sub-aqua sprawl as deep caverns of bass and airy melodics meet shuffling micro-glitches that sound like an army of scurrying sea-creatures jostling for position. Move further and another type of sound awaits you. Still taken with the captivating sound of melodious melancholy, title track ‘Dynamo’s’ hollowed out beats, churning bass and prickly melodic splinters form a congruent mass with each element playing off each other to form a highly captivating, energy-releasing soundscape that comes across like Witchman meets Massive Attack before closing with a drum’n’bass infused pseudo-orchestral stretch. The drum’n’bass theme is omnipresent throughout although mostly in abstract and thickly veiled sequences but it really comes to the fore in the intelligent, melody dripping bout of classic d’n’b featured in ‘Refleksion’ which is what one would imagine Alex Reece or 4Hero would have progressed to if they had ever evolved.
With ‘Dynamo’, Rumpistol has made a flowing and totally inviting album that will captivate all but the most heartless of listeners. Its glistening melodics, brooding atmospherics, oozing basslines and complex micro-orchestral arrangements gel with such harmonic intent that the power of the end result is nothing short of enchanting. Highly recommended to all who require a shining beacon to get them through the dark depression of Winter. (KS)
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