Fluid Audio – Hope Project


Fluid Audio is a record label promoting the very best electroacoustic musicians from around the globe. We will be up and running in the new year with our first release entitled “Hope”, a Project consisting of ten artists: James Murray, Iambic, Ishq, Ben Beiny, Halogen, Hol Baumann, Snakestyle, Bersarin Quartett, Digitonal and Playb.

Each artist has been asked to compose a piece that represents the following: “Although we are living in a world of injustices, where the rich get richer, and those in need get left behind, there is an inherent hope in those who suffer the most. Where people have the least, they seem to value the most, the simple things that others take for granted. There are those who appreciate the beauty and awe of the world, and what is has to offer, in a way that those disconnected from the true meaning of life have lost. In some, there is a spark of light that no corrupt power can extinguish. Despite the negativity that we are all faced with in life, the human spirit can always overcome. Whether this is in the innocent laughter of a child, the compassion shown from one suffering human being to another, or through the creative translation of emotion into sounds sent to soothe or images formed to inspire, the joy of life is communicated all around us – we just need to open our hearts to it.”
50% of all sales will be donated to Toy Box Charity.
“Hope” will be available in March 2009. More details coming soon.



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