Halogen – Recycled Broadcasts EP
November 13, 2008, 8:57 pm
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Recycled Broadcasts EP – Halogen

If you are a fan of intelligent & delicately glitched-out IDM laced with melodic oscillating rhythms & slightly industrial crunchy sounds & textures, then I recommend you pay close attention to Halogen’s first EP release “Recycled Broadcasts”, available via free download from November 16th from www.maternitymedia.co.uk

This is an impressive first release from Halogen aka Adam Janota-Bzowski, and I’m keen to hear what else is in store from this talented artist. The unique theme to this release is human communication, and Adam has demonstrated this by intrinsically layering old 50’s radio broadcast samples & human voices throughout the EP. This gives his sound a unique & original quality, as you find yourself listening to flawlessly produced cutting edge electronic sounds with a familiar 50s feel carefully woven through – quite an interesting & original combination that works brilliantly.

Very carefully crafted & tweaked, each track on the EP has a different feel to it, and all are of high quality & production. No filler here, only refined sonic gems. Glitch & IDM fans everywhere will delight in Halogen’s finely tuned ear. The highlight of Recycled Broadcasts for me is the second track on the EP entitled “Manilla“. Tantalizing whirrs, tripglitched themes, finely cutup scratching, sultry swinging blues samples and a big beat undercurrent contained within this track, inspire you to want to strut your stuff in front of a speaker stack in a fur coat with champagne and a whimsical smile.

Get your hands on this EP – you know what they say – the best things in life are for free…
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Reviewed by Becca Dakini (Dj Dakini), Australia


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I have variously looked on and dabbled in the music scene for several decades; I have witnessed changes and modifications to musical development and direction over the years. At this point, I want to both confirm glitch as an important genre and announce the emergence of a remarkable talent in Halogen.

There are many, younger and more deeply involved than I, who are able to subset and analyze, and pick through the strains and influences that have brought Adam Janota Bzowski to this place (Recycled Broadcasts EP on MaternityMedia.com). Others, less knowledgeable, who dip in to listen might be tempted to dismiss the New Music for a New Age as musical wallpaper but it is so, so far from ‘five hippies in search of a tune’. This is not cozy, and this is not predictable. This is no safe sound that purrs and caresses. This is musical graffiti; it assaults the listener from several directions all at once; it is open to interpretation on so many levels; it speaks a myriad of languages and, while it deftly samples the narrative of the late twentieth century, it is timeless. It is, in short, a soundtrack for the twenty-first century.

This four-track EP is an excellent piece of work and a stunning debut. Downloaded and played loud, free of the confines of a laptop’s minute speakers, this is deep and complex music that is layered and nuanced, with an infectious backbeat, driving bass lines, and highly pitched assaults that bring both a chill to the bone and a tear to the eye. And all the while, we feel a sense of wonder and intense joy, and are urged to play it back repeatedly. Halogen calls it electronica; let him call it what he wants. It is inspired and has the stamp of originality. It is the start of something new and we’ve just seen it born; we would wish to grow old with you.

Reviewed by Marek Nowina
(ex-this and ex-that)

Comment by Marek Nowina

it’s got great layering. thanks for sharing.

Comment by melodic electronica

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