Interchill Records Interview
November 11, 2008, 7:20 pm
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Interchill Records is an independent downtempo/electronica label based between Salt Spring Island and Nelson on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Founded in 1995 by Andrew Ross Collins, Interchill got its start in the multi-sensory chill rooms of the early rave scene in Montreal. Originally launched to showcase and export Canadian ambient music to the rest of the world, the record label grew from a string of EPs to the seminal compilation ‘Northern Circuits’ and on to encompass music from producers around the planet. Now, after 13 years in operation and 33 albums in its catalogue, the label has soundly established itself as a key player in the downtempo/electronic scene and is known worldwide for releasing hi-fidelity music that lasts. With a focus on ‘organic electronica for expanding minds’, Interchill maintains diversity while drawing a continuous thread through a wide variety of sounds and styles. Bringing together the cutting-edge in dub, world-fusion, psy-chill, ambient, lounge and all points between, Interchill has released albums from artists around the world like Gaudi, Mauxuam, Kaya Project, Ashtech, Adham Shaikh, Ishq, Pushmipulyu and Liquid Stranger.

Naasko kicks off by telling us a little about himself…

I’ve been into the electronic music scene since the early 90’s and got into DJ’ing in ’95 during my time in the UK. Back then I was into all manner of electronic sounds but was particularly pulled towards acid & Detroit techno, psy-trance and chilled out sounds. Early influences included artists like Loop Guru, Orbital, Underworld, Future Sound Of London and Speedy J. Favorite labels at the time; Harthouse, Rising High, Matsuri, Guerilla, Blue Room, Prolekult and Hard Hands amidst many others.
After 13 years, I now wear many hats in the so-called professional music world. Currently I’m doing label management/A&R for Interchill from my home in the mountains of BC, Canada as well as working in the music licensing field. On the side, I do event production with my largest project being the Liminal Village at Boom Festival in Portugal. In addition I have collaborated on several multimedia events over the years and have done stage management at festivals in the UK, US, and Canada. On top of this, I occasionally do the odd bit of freelance writing as well as some music production here and there. To date, I’ve A&R’d compilations for both Native State Records and Interchill and have released music with Don Peyote and Noah Pred (Sympath).

Andrew, founder of Interchill goes on to tell us more about the label….

Before Interchill I was helping Evan Bluetech manage his label Native State Records for a year and a half while also lending support to Adham Shaikh’s career as a publicist.
When Interchill came in to being the vision in the early days was much inspired by the DIY culture explosion, summers of love, idealism and a sense that anything is possible – coupled with a desire to showcase quality Canadian electronica.
As our focus spread to other regions as well as Canada, and as more people have contributed over time by A&R’ing compilations, the vision has transformed. Since the beginning of 07 Naasko has been involved and added his insight. Still – essentially the core vision is still the same for the label since it’s early beginnings.

We then went on to ask Andrew a few more questions about the label….

You now have amazing artists/DJ’ signed to the label. Did this come naturally or did it involve lot’s of hard work/promotion to attract artists in the beginning?
You build relationships over time. This is one of the most important things of all for us. Also, we don’t sign people to the label – we base agreements around specific bodies of work.

Is there a certain style that you look for now when signing releasing new material?
Nothing specific. We’re not really on the hunt for new artists as our release schedule is full beyond 2008.

Tell us a little about the team that are involved in the label…
The primary team consists of:
Andrew Ross Collins:label founder, head A&R, DJ and admin.
Nick Edell:webmaster, graphic designer, A&R, DJ
Naasko:label manager, A&R, DJ
Then there’s our extended family of artists and label DJ’s. Info about all of us will be available on our new website coming soon.

What can we expect to see from the label in the next year or so?
After the summer we have a new Kaya Project release, followed by the Umberloid album by Ott and Chris Barker. For 2009, we’re not too sure yet what next year holds.

Where would you like to see Interchill in the next 5 years?
A successful digital label business with sub-labels that would allow us to make albums for sale in markets like India, China and Latin America. We’d continue with label business including CD and DVD releases while expanding our music licensing business. We also aim to maintain Interchill’s public profile by artists and DJs playing at more festivals in exotic locations.

Interchill Releases:

Artist Albums:

Interchill continues to feature outstanding productions from ground-breaking artists.
Stay tuned for the Spring 2009 release from Umberloid (Ott and Chris Barker).

> Eat Static – Back To Earth
> Mauxuam – Viceversa
> Liquid Stranger – The Invisible Conquest
> Ashtech – Walkin’ Target
> Pushmipulyu – 133 Thursdays
> Adham Shaikh – Journey to the Sun
> Kaya Project – Elixir
> Gaudi – Bass,Sweat & Tears
> Kaya Project – Walking Through
> Ishq – Orchid
> Mere Mortals – Universal Code
> Suns of Arqa – Cosmic Jugalbandi
> Neil Sparkes and the Last Tribe – Burning Mask
> Ekko – Centripetal
> Kaya Project – And So It Goes


Interchill has released tracks by renowned producers like Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble, Ott, Shpongle, Steve Roach, Makyo, Eat Static, Zion Train, Gus Till, Greg Hunter, Jairamji, Bluetech, Omnimotion, Bassnectar, Hamsa Lila, Antonio Testa, Twilight Circus & Legion of Green Men.

> Future Memories
> Devil In The Detail
> Bliminal
> Sub Signals Volume 1
> Gathering the Tribe
> Arcana
> Sanctuary
> Dissolving Clouds
> Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2
> Talisman
> Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 1
> Floatation
> Infinessence
> Ekkocentric
> Skydancing
> Interior Horizons
> Magnetic Blue
> Northern Circuits
> 13th. Moon

For more information on Interchill Records check…..

For artist/label DJ bookings and event production contact Interchill’s label manager;

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Love this label
New Kaya Project looks like being a musical delight not to mention the upcoming Unberloid 🙂
Keep up the great work Naasko & crew

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