Top Ten Albums For October
October 23, 2008, 1:27 am
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Below are the current top ten albums that are getting lots of exposure on Fluid Radio at the moment…

“And So It Goes” is Kaya Project’s third release due out in November on Interchill Records. We received a promo of the album a while back now, and it has been a hot favourite on the decks daily. This album is without doubt the best work that Seb has done to date, and that is saying something in it’s self. Ethnic melodies enthused from Asia to Africa and back create a complete masterpiece that will no doubt be the release of the year.

The third album and probably the best in our view, “A Lost Connection” from Marconi Union is centred around themes of isolation and disconnection. It was inspired by images of withdrawing from the world, into an inner more personal place. Lush soundscapes that touch deep within.

Motionfield-Optical Flow: Reminiscent of Casino vs. Japan, Ulrich Schnauss, and Boards of Canada, this album still describes a unique and personal stroll through misty locales.
Fragments of a memory painted in fading light, places you recognize but cant place, a subtle embrace.

Digitonal’s “Save Your light For Darker days” is a beautiful array of ambience, classical ideals, symphonic arrangements and a reworking of the electronica style that will bring new life into a scene crammed full of pretenders… this is aural pleasure par excellence. At times lush and sublime, and at others intense and enveloping – New-Noise.Net

Hibernation is one of the many projects from the hugely talented Seb Taylor. “Some Things Never Change” sees Hibernation push the musical boundaries even further, blending styles from different genres, and yet creating a truly original masterpiece that has Seb’s mark of genius stamped all over it. This one’s not to be missed!

‘The Last Days Of Gravity’ by Younger Brother is a unique melee of electronic, acoustic, and vocal music, running the gamut of beautiful, strange, catchy, psychedelic, melancholic, uplifting. Despite its consistently psychedelic tone, the album has a very human element to it, and you can sense the spirit and emotion that have gone into its creation.

Solar Fields aka Magnus Birgersson creates an ambient opus that in time will be looked back upon as one of the most forward thinking releases of our times. Poles apart from the current trends, “Leaving Home” expands his world of sounds, pushing back the frontiers of floating electronica, traditional instrumentation and chill.

Transmitting from an alternate universe where David Lynch is supreme deity, the orb’s Pomme Fritz is the national anthem, and Flanger and Pole are the world’s most venerated heroes, Juxta Phona & Offthesky set forth a treatise of intelligent and challenging electronic music.

Escaping from standard genre classifications this album would fall broadly into downtempo, ambient and ‘chillout’ genres but even find it’s place in many micro genres as well as creating it’s own. “One of the best albums we have heard in a long time. Mystical Sun must have been in some deep meditative state when working on this project as it takes you way beyond the realms of normal musical stratospheres” – Fluid Radio

Borderlands by Evan Bartholomew is a unique composition, which moves in between sonic spaces and new age influences. It’s depth and beauty create patterns of light and dark in a way that only Evan manages to pull off in such a special way. If you haven’t yet checked this album then make sure to track it down and be prepared for something very special.


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