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October 16, 2008, 12:57 am
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Fluid Radio is proud to present both well-established, and up-and-coming artists, from around the globe as residents on the station. Starting in November, exclusive resident artist mixes will be played every Friday night at 7pm GMT-UK time zone

Fluid Residents:


London-based DJ, promoter and music journalist, Massimo Terranova aka Nova is a prolific sound selector at the forefront of the ambient/electronica music scene since 2000 appearing as a resident chill-out DJ at the most notorious clubs and events in UK and abroad.
His flawless mixture of ambient, world beats, IDM, downtempo and dub textures, blended in pure London’s eclectic style, have made him a truly sought after talent in the eclectic DJ world: much of Nova’s sets are deeper exploration of cutting edge eclectic ambient music, equally exploring the intricacies of electronic/virtual worlds and unravelling ethereal organic and meditative sound trips.
This unique sound has won him guest appearances at the world’s most prestigious music festivals in UK (Glastonbury, Glade, Lovebox), Germany (Voov, Lovefield), Italy (Sonica), Spain (Omni), Portugal (Boom), Greece (SolaLuna), Serbia (Exit), Turkey (Soulclipse), Brazil (Celebra Brasil) and Hong Kong/Macao (Bermuda Productions).
In January 2003 he signed up with Ultimae Records from Lyon, France, becoming Label DJ and International Promotion Manager. With Nova’s top-notch compilation “Albedo” in 2005 Ultimae Records has cemented its place at the top of the ambient music hierarchy.

Master Margherita

Precursor, lover of new auditory formulas, this enlightened musician edits his sonic metamorphosis solo and tickles the substance considered as the seat of intellectual faculties. His ingenious dubnbass improvisations send us to those unexplored parts of the brain. Royal, magnificent, Master Margherita overflows with intelligent creativity and excels in the production of concrete abstraction. Obstinated,hard worker, this speculator of electronic sinuosities could relate to an action painter,totally invested in a daring artistic elaboration,revelatory of new dream spaces.

Ben Beiny

Ben Beiny is a composer who lives and works in London, writing music for film and documentary. At age 4 he took his first violin lesson, before going on to study piano, percussion and guitar. He even admits to the odd bit of choir-boy singing.
Now 24, and influenced by modern composers like Cliff Martinez and Craig Armstrong, he produces an atmospheric mix of instrumentals, making use of subtle rhythms and the delicate vocals of his collaborators.
Before The City Wakes’ EP is his first release with Artificial Bliss:


Based in Cornwall, England. Ishq is Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley. They have been working in ambient and electronica music since the mid 90’s and release music also under various other names including Elve and Ishvara and on their own record label “Virtual”. Their music is often deep, otherworldy, magical and unique.


Matt Embleton aka Snakestyle started off as part of a duo called ‘Sandspider’ with his friend Alan McDermott, then decided to pursue solo material in 2005.
The album ‘Snakestyle’ was his first solo project, and took a year to put together on basic software, and was handed over to Millennium Records in January 2007.
Matt has recently finished work on a second album called ‘Turning Point’, which is currently unreleased and includes the track ‘Neutral Buoyancy’ which was also released on the Interchill compilation ‘Future Memories’ in February this year.

Kick Bong

Kick Bong is the ambient project of Franck . He met music at the age of 12, with drums. 90 first band with Romy et les gâteaux secs, drums (french pop) album produced by Barclay + lives. In 95, electronic musics are going to enrich his universe. At the same period, he discovers percussions and joins different projects, groups and djs, in clubs, parties and concerts : 98 Serious Bass, drums and percussions (house funk). 99 Tarace Boulba, percussions (fanfare funk). 2000 Yvan Hio, drums (pop electro). 2001 Yop Soma, percussions (acid jazz). 2002 Marabunta, percussions and drums (soul, funk, house). 2003 collective Secret Vibes and LDB system, drums and percussions (ethno, trance). Since 2000 collaboration at percussions with DJ Holls, founder of Clima Records for ambient-trance parties (Audiovenum, Gaïa, Le Tryptique, Le Batofar, Le Divan du monde)
2005 lives and mixs Glade (Uk), Boom (Portugal), Arcadia (France), Existence (Spain), Sinergia (Portugal), Omni (Spain) ,Waveform festival (Uk), Le Glaz’art (Paris), Utopia (Portugal), Hadra (France), Digital Harmonium (France) and many other events.
From 96, Kick Bong begins to compose in the home studio he created in his house. Since 2001, 2 albums and 17 titles came out on compilations by Spirit Zone, Candyflip, Clima, Peak, Hoots, Cosmicleaf, Chillcode, Ajana records and Ultra vista records…. His titles hold swiftly the attention due to the kinematic dimension emanating. By the way, Confluents Association orders him a music between ambient, dub and jungle for a documentary “Démarches de rues” (Street process ou street steps) that came out at the beginning of 2005. A cup of tea? is his first album. In this first opus, Kick Bong invites us at a “tea time” for a tasting of ten coated dishes and psychedelic cream. Now! Franck compose for film animation and web site and Mixs on several club and party.

Kukan Dub Lagan

KUKAN-DUB-LAGAN is the project of Itay Berger. Itay is 33 years old and comes from Tel Aviv/ Israel. He has been listening to trance music since he was 16 years old. He spent over two years working as a sound engineer in one of the top three sound and light companies in israel. His decision to make music was strongly influenced by his trip to Ibiza in 1997-8 where he visited Juan’s (Muses Rapt) studio. At that time he also started to dj in Israel and abroad at mostly underground parties . During his travels he also played in Cusco, Peru as well as in New York along with Total Eclipse.
Itay’s general musical influences are wide-ranging His journey into chill-out djing started in 2002 in Israel. During that time he was also signed by a UK techno-house label ( under the name DJ Itay for a year and flew to Japan to play at parties in Osaka and Kyoto. Returning back to Israel, he enroled to sound engineering college for one year and totally commited himself to music composition. Drawing from his djing experience, his early family musical influences as well as his own musical background he created his chill-out project: KUKAN-DUB-LAGAN. It is a combination of three separate words: KUKAN, which means “space” in japanese; DUB which represents the music style; and, LAGAN, comes from the word “ba-lagan” which in hebrew means “chaos”. The debut album of Kukan-Dub-Lagan “Life is Nice” has been released by Candyflip-Records/Greece.His unique music style can be best described as psy-chill free dub. In simpler words “sunshine music for smiling people”!! Itay got another project of psy progressive style as “ItaiTaiko”-released on Dance n Dust records/israel and Groove Zone records/Japan…and more to be announced…. as well another project as RAIJIN GAIJIN


Blending live guitars and vocals with intricate, subtle melodies and rhythms, Halogen’s music is best described as Organic Electronica. Multi-instrumentalist Adam Janota-Bzowski draws on his diverse musical background which encompasses post-rock, jazz, glitch, blues, idm and experimental to create a sonically rich listening experience and cites the work of Minimalist composer Steve Reich as a main influence on his work. Currently studying a Digital Music and Sound Art course at Brighton University he releases his material through his own imprint; ‘Maternity’ and ‘Blood Tribe Records’, co run with Zak Norman and Dubstep producer David Rzepa aka Sick Rebel.


Aviva is an electronic music producer, dj, vocalist, songwriter and bass player… music is her vehicle for channelling divine wisdom, brought through from deep inner realms where love and transformation of consciousness flow into being… she is featured as a vocalist on SolarQuests latest album… and freestyles live vocals resonating in spiritual truth and love with solarquest’s live sets… she also dj’s regularly at squat parties and clubs in the psychedelic subculture… she is a resident dj at the Inspiral lounge in Camden… She also plays solo live sets featuring live synths and vocals… Her track “In Peace We come” appears on the Purple Magazine compilation and she is just about to release an album called the Mantra Temple which is a deeply meditative and healing album which is being used by yoga teachers and those practising Mantra’s… She has more albums on the go and will be releasing more stuff in the coming months… She has another project called the Earth Temple which is for her ambient, instrumental and deeply chilled out creations… you can listen to some of these at
Not content to follow the crowd she will continue to explore her own inner universe of sounds and resonances, melodies and rhythms… in service to the divine flow of love which is the fabric of the Universe


Indra’s first serious excursion into the world of music was 2002 with the radio project “Baraka”, world music show on Radio Student, where together with dj Ushtra (aka Nitty Dubby) and dj Beatanga (Batisse, Koloritam) she edited music program and hosted the show. As a part of djs and promoters gathered around the project Baraka Collective, she organized and acted on various ethnic-world, dub, downbeat events. Already next year Ushtra and Indra started a new radio project called “ChillDren of the Earth” and this was her doors into the world of ambient music.
Friend Ratko (dj Pipal) is meritorious for Indra’s first psy chill gig as he called her to be a part of his Fairytale crew at chill floor on cult Gotcha parties in the good old underground club Attack . In the same club she plays as a part of Feminizer crew, a better half of Tribalizer. One of the main actors of local underground trance scene, late Sheki (dj Kobayagi) 2003. organized the first bigger Croatian trance festival Underwater Overground, where Indra plays at chill floor, as well as in all the following UWOG festivals. In the meantime dj- Richma and Pipal starts legendary musical ChilliBar evenings, where Indra was a regular guest. Today, together with the founders of ChilliBar, she is one of residents and coorganizers alongside Val Vashar and Pipal. She plays at various events which promote trance and psy chill culture in Croatia (Free Spirit Festival, the Ministry of Psychedelic, Underwater Overground, etc.) as well at the international radio stations (Fluid Radio – UK, – BG, SC Radio – HR). She also played at Aurora festival in Greece alongside the biggest names in the ambient scene.
Her sound is a fusion of floating and ambient atmospheres and deep dub bass lines with ethnic elements. As in a real life, she draws the inspiration for her music from nature, spirituality and traditions of ancient cultures.
Behind the name Indra is the symbolism in the form of the god Indra, a king of deva’s (gods) in Indian mythology, defender of gods and mankind from the forces of evil. Indra gets his strenght by drinking Soma, the elixir of immortality. He had early aspects of a sun-god, riding in a golden chariot across the heavens, but he is more often known as the god of thunder and fertility since he brought the water to earth, respected as a creator god having set order to the cosmos.


Chandrananda is a music lover with an ear for those special tracks. Her style is fluid and varied. From her first improvised gig just over a year and half ago her style has evolved and her sets are always varied in genre and tempo. She fuses electronic tunes with world-influenced grooves, psy-dub beats and melodic sounds that touch the listener’s soul. Sometimes she goes for up-beat tunes that make people dance, other times she takes people on a dreamy journey into more ambient moods. She likes to keep her sets fresh and spontaneous, and to engage the dance floor more than to respond to it. Her dedication to do her best has contributed to her fast becoming a favourite in the chill out rooms of squat parties and legal venues in the vibrant London underground psychedelic scene, and she is a resident DJ at the Psychedelic Circle parties. Chandrananda means Blissful Moonlight.

Red Earth

Red Earth are Chris Wizard (galactic) and Jess Sparkle (electric) whose DJ style, earlier described as ‘psychill with an eastern flavour’, now encompasses a diversity ranging from folky electronica to shoegaze to psydub, through a wide range from beatless ambient to progressive, often favouring that ambiguous space between grooving and blissing out, dark electronic or light, melodic and fluffy! They are accompanied on occasion by a talented djembe player and a wonderfully graceful fusion belly dancer, which adds an extra dimension to their sets. Sometimes together and sometimes not, they have played at many parties and festivals around the country including Glastonbury, Glade, Sunrise Celebration, Big Green Gathering, Offworld and Waveform, whilst also hosting the Tranceformation parties in Glastonbury during the winter season. Side projects include Fluid Radio and Waveform Festival production.


“Rekalix is Andrew Lintern, ambient electronica composer/producer from Southampton, UK, and has been creating ambient music, and performing it live since the age of 18. His creations fuse atmospheric soundscapes with delicately manipulated sounds, to create minimal, melodic sculptures of ambience on a backdrop of tranquil stillness. This style of ambient music allows those who listen to appreciate the senses that certain sounds can awaken inside them. As well as producing these distant soundscapes, he also runs the UK side of Kuurort Records, a label that focuses on music with a faraway sound. Based in Estonia since 2002, Kuurort Records is now expanding to the UK as it grows ever larger.
Rekalix joined Kuurort Records in 2006, after being invited by label owner Kaido Kirikmae (a well known character in the Baltic ambient/electronic scene) to perform live on his weekly show on Raadio 2 in Tallinn, Estonia. Following this the debut Rekalix album, ‘Zykancialuu’, was released on Kuurort. Later in 2006, one of the songs from this album also featured on the Kuurort Records compilation ‘Kuumaastikud’.
2007 brought more one night indoor events, and festival appearances across Europe. Earlier in the year, Rekalix had befriended the UK based White Label Music, and after being asked to do a release for them, the latest Rekalix album ‘Frozen Planet’ was released on WLM in August 2007. Following its release, ‘Frozen Planet’ went on to receive a number of very promising and highly impressive reviews.”


Fluid has been DJing for the past 20 years and always been fascinated by the unifying power of music and the way that sound evokes people’s deepest emotions. From running pirate radio stations in the early 90’s to DJing at events all over the country, his vision is always to allow people access to intelligent analogue grooves. This has culminated in his latest project, Fluid Radio, a space for celebrating the beauty and diversity of chillout soundscapes with a vision to share in the creative process and spread the experience of inner exploration through musical expression.

Luna Lis

I am Luna lis. I am a psy-chill out DJ who has been playing in the underground psy-trance scene for the past five years. It all started with the love of music, the love of mother nature and her creative cycles. To her i owe my constant inspiration and creativity.
I first became involved in the psy scene, helping in the co-ordination of Liquid Connective parties, the magical outdoor parties at sacred times of our cycle and then to the larger excitement of small festivals and indoor parties. At the time there seemed to be a real lack of female chill DJ’s, i felt that i could bring my intuition and feminine creativity to help create a lush environment and soundscape for people to relax, connect, create and to celebrate. This became a motto to which i believe should exist in all times and spaces of life.
I love fusing music together, soulfully and gracefully, energising, uplifting sounds, ethereal soundscapes, floating beats and funky flurries of organic sounding baselines. Classical Indian and tribal samples just blow my mind. Real connection to the heart and the earth!


Even from a young age I was tapping out rhythms, with cutlery, sticks, my hands on my knees. Rhythms fascinated me. Thats why I listened to metal from around the age of 13. The complexities, time changes, speed, all accomplished with the use of just four limbs. Among my early heroes were Mick Harris (Napalm Death) and Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), both of whom I saw live. Teaching myself to play, I started a death metal band from the age of 19, to try to emulate what I had seen and heard, and went on to play gigs around London and the South East. We also recorded and released a couple of demo’s. After 4 years I felt the need to diversify, for something a little different, so I left the band and joined a punk rock band. We recorded a cd and played many gigs for overs 6 years.
Rhythms aren’t only just confined to music. I became aware of the repetitions and routines within nature (birds migrating and swarming), the body (heartbeat and footsteps), machines and cities. Take for example the pedestrian crossing. The accumulation of pedestrians at a red light waiting for the traffic to stop, and then the sudden rush across the road with the appearance of the green man, only to last for a while until the red man appears and the traffic passes again. Time lapse photography makes this more apparent, but the ebbs and flows are still there.
In 1999 I invested in a computer and some sequencing software to start making my own beats. A whole new world quickly opened up to me, a world where I could make beats that I could never play with just two arms and two legs. But I became bored of using the same old pre-programmed drum sounds and started to record sounds from around the house onto a mini disc with a microphone. I edited the sounds and started to make beats with them. Then I ventured outside, to collect everyday sounds from the local environment, my place of work, in fact anywhere and everywhere.
With my recorder and sequencer I could start to make sense of the discordant, disjointed busy world around me and make some sense of what is going on, to have some kind of understanding about what makes the world revolve, how things all have their place within the environment and how they all seemingly work together. But most importantly, how I fit in to the world as a whole and to try to have a place within it which has some assemblance of order and harmony.


Amotz first started out working as a night reporter for Jerusalem’s local newspaper (kol-ha-zman) for two years. He was one of the first people who wrote about electronic music, drugs & the connection between the two in Israel. During this time he started writing in Maariv (one of Israels top newspapers) then went on to write for New-Zeek (the first electronic music club & psy culture magazine in Israel), 02,972, Assimon, Layla, Mushroon Mag etc. Travelling then took Amotz east and he spent more than two years around the globe travelling in Thailand (lived & worked there), Laos, China, Tibet, Philippines, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Europe, Canada, India, and Nepal. During this time he started djing, kept writting & met the love of his life. He came back to Israel in 2004 and worked with disabled kids and back again to the newspapers as a writer & producer (writing music reviews as well as a weekly calm & covering the the eclipse festival, psy movies etc). In 2006 his dj career started to take off and has played in several festivals, clubs, pubs, deserts (Taz festival, Moksha 10th birthday, Sunset 2 Sunset festival, Holy Rave, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Amenita, Oma-Coma, Q, Haoman17, Darwish’s Itzik Memorial Party, Queerhana, Resto-Bar, The Lab, Levontin 13, and many more).
Amotz style is deep down-beat, progressive ambient, idm, techno ambient through to hypnotic psy chill.


Dakini (aka Becca Dakini) is a cultural creative & artist actively participating within the Australian and international festival/electronic music community as a: dj, producer, project manager, event coordinator, writer, journalist, editor, décor artist, holistic therapist, ritual performer, truthseeker, consciousness explorer and visionary dreamer. Her hometown is Melbourne, Australia but she perceives herself as a global citizen of the currently emerging conscious & creative culture.
As a dj, Dakini has been captivating dancefloors at major outdoor festivals all over Australia and New Zealand since 1999, evolving through genre after genre of hypnotic sonics over the years. Originally known for playing progressive trance records on sunrise dancefloors in the Australian outdoors, Dakini’s dj style now spans many lush and bass heavy sonic genres – minimal intelligent glitch beats, dubtronica, dubhouse & dubstep grooves, IDM, deep minimal tech, breakbeatz, lush temple beats, downbeat, psydub & ambient shamanic soundscapes. One of Australia’s longstanding female artists, she has been known to work a dancefloor with an infectious bassline or entrance an entire chill stage with beautiful sonic splendour at Australia’s largest international events since the turn of the millenium.
She has played at numerous large & small international outdoor festivals/events/clubs in Australia & New Zealand over the last 11 years such as: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earthdance International Festival for Peace, Tribeadelic Gathering, Maya Festival, Earthcore, Earthfreq Festival, Phonoscope, Exodus Cybertribal Gathering, Akasha Festival, Submerge Chill Festival, Island Time Festival, Earthdream, Outback Eclipse Festival, Cairns Winter Solstice Festival, Parihaka Peace Festival, Canaan Downs Festival and many more.
Dakini has featured on lineups playing alongside artists such as : Aes Dana, Eat Static, Ott, Kaya Project, Monolake, Adham Shaikh, Simon Posford, Shulman, Spoonbill, Gus Till, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Freq Nasty, Antix, Vibrasphere, Bassnectar, Gotan Project, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Salmonella Dub, Pitch Black and many more.
She is the co-founder of Australia’s premiere international chill festival (Submerge Chill Festival) & past editor/coordinator of international enTRANCE Magazine. Not only has she contributed extensively to the international festival community for the past 10 years as an artist/promoter/writer/creator, she has also worked on the production of most of the outdoor electronic music festivals around Australia since 2000. Resonant Temple is her production company specialising in event production, decor & design.
Dakini is touring the 2008/2009 Australian & New Zealand Summer Festival Circuit before moving to Europe in 2009 to continue musical & creative collaboration internationally.


DJ Gandolfi has been performing at many events all over the UK and beyond for more than 8 years. She is a resident with Chillosophy Music and Fluid internet radio. Gandolfi plays a vast variety of electronic music, mixing the old with the new and blissful with melancholic.
She weaves a fluid atmospheric journey, an inspiration to dance or chill to. Some of her favourite artists at the moment are: Ellien Allen, Kritical Audio, Solar Fields, Vibrasphere, Trentemoller and Hol Baumann.
Gandolfi has recently produced tracks with Ott (Twisted records) & Kaya project and is working on an album whereby she collaborates with fellow artists and friends. She has performed with poets, musicians & video artists to manifest even more diverse creations.
Check out for latest mixes to download.


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