Kalpataru Tree Live At Priceless
October 13, 2008, 1:43 pm
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“Recorded live @ Priceless, Belden Town, CA. Priceless is an annual event put together by the False Profit crew out of the Bay Area. Held on the banks of a beautiful river, Priceless is a camp out filled with beats, breaks, swimming, beaching and art. This set was recorded Midnight – 1:30am, Saturday, September 27th. This set was followed by Androcell, making a night of Deep, Dubby, Dreamy music in the Chill Dome.

85 Percent of the music in this mix is material yet to be released. Some of it could be released as “Kembwe” a side project with Vocalist Wahkeena Sitka Tidepool Ripple
Other Tracks should appear on a new album which I’m thinking should be released sometime in 2009, with the tenative name of “Preverberations from the Infinite Future”. Some tracks are on myspace
I’m still looking for the right label to release my stuff, so if you’re a label person and you like my sound – please contact me!

Listen Here


* Attention – the file is corrupted, isn’t showing the right overall
mix time-lenth in a player. At first shows f.e. 1h 54m 44s, while in
fact, listen to from the start to the end, lasts 20 minutes less.
Moreover, the last two minutes of mix are blank.

You can find here dub which is influenced by ambient and idm, and
partially by lounge, trip hop and breakbeat. We have here shy guitar
notes (that at times are an important element of this whole
architecture), occasional and quite loud female vocal (calls and
whispers, mostly in a kind of improvisation). Melodies nostalgic,
sometimes smiling through small teardrops, sometimes having
completely, even child’s joy, in ownself. They’re builded mainly in a
way that want to swing us, not to cause an instant ecstasy. Synth
melodies doesn’t present here too often, these purely synthesizer
motives are rather the guest here, not the household member, since we
have equally important with the melody element also pad backgrounds,
active bassline and all-pervasive percussion. Percussion find its
place mainly at the background, has nicely vague and lazy character,
and is of that kind, that adapt to the foreground melodies and not
fight as alone for the listener’s attention. But from time to time as
if instil into first ground of music, but the percussion rarely lead
us. This role goes to another element – to the bass. Everything sails
here on a bass pillow – bass is firm, but also soft in here presented
nature. Its lines are variable, dynamic, in some moments even the line
of bass is the only one melody. In overall fluidity significantly
helps pad and pad choir, mainly appearing in the second mix’s half…
And all of this is misty, wrapped in mystery – the most beautiful
Kalpataru Tree’s quality.

We can single out a few phases of this, compiled (in my opinion) from
13 compositions, mix. Main motives delicately played on guitar lasts
till around the 16th minute. Next is a phase more synthesizer, it’s
worth to emphase in it such an impression moments like underwater
phase (25-33) or technologic phase (33-40). Emotions subside and again
begin to build a tension from light sounds (40-46), go into another
pictures and create in the second half of mix, a more cohesive vision.
Dynamism rise, although still many things stay in the overtone of
previous minutes (49-57). Come into being more explicitly melodious,
twisted moments (57-63), and even an intensive, colourful, involving
flight (63-71). So the arrangement and emotion’s dynamic increase even
more, in order to have a situation after 71 minutes, that we already
are carried up there high, into clouds – as if we were walking on
them, although it would match better: we fly above them. The sounds
are directed by gust, the arrangement is under high pressure of
effects (71-80). In relatively fast tempo we also head to the end of
mix (85-92).

This music seems to dive and be a picture of subaqueous whirls, other
time seems to fly and be a picture of something dramatic. Not only
presents those natural spheres of world: marshes, trees, clouds,
because also big-city moments are here as well. Soothe and is a
reflective-relaxing, sometimes even cheerful, decor of the listener’s
given moments to it. Everything here is lively, always immersed in
reverb, echo, and in entertain of changing typical sounds into
untypical. Indeed – it’s because of the “fog”, that thing smoothe
outlines, and thanks to, is created here a sleepy, oneiric, ethereal
journey. We are pointed to a world of melancholy, we see green-black
and navy-violet-white gleam. We are directed by grassy valleys and
hills, the first pallette is luxuriant, but occasionally meeted trees,
while the second one is an indication of a night changing into a day,
lasting continuously. Raised a few metres above the ground and then
above clouds into the air dimension, in that way we’re heading into
unknown. Soft atmospheric journey lasts…

Radoslaw Bialek, March 2009


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Big thanks to Curtis for sorting this out
Peace to you brother
Dan x

Comment by fluidblog

Your set was one of the highlights Saturday night!

Comment by Saturnia

This is fantastic mate!!!! Love to see you live some day.Send your gear to Vince(Aes Dana)if you haven’t already.I’m sure he’d love it as well.Blue skies and feathers.Mopoke.

Comment by Mopoke


If you’re still looking for a label, have you tried Forest at Waveform Records?


Scroll down to where it says: “Attention Artists”


Comment by Capt Video

I am extremely curious where exactly that tree in the picture is. Is it just the graphic for the mix or is it an actual tree in Belden Town?

Let me know at doodloo@aol.com

Comment by Aaron

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