Evan Oldridge
October 7, 2008, 12:51 am
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A self taught artist, my approach to artwork is unconventional. My paintings are informed by a lifelong exploration and love of fluid dynamics, from the swirl of ink in water to the movement of cream in a cup of coffee. This aesthetic is recreated through a complex layering of paint, and captured at micro levels by means of digital photography. Examples of the raw paintings and a more detailed explanation of that process can be found at flowformed.com.

Before exploring the paintings as a medium by themselves, I began by combining the organic flow with photography using photoshop. The work was inspired by the totemic portraits of victor olenev, and further influenced by david heskin, robert venosa and other members of the ‘visionary art’ community.
More recently I’ve begun exploring the combination of my paintings with those of old masters, a process started with my remix of the mona lisa. baroquenheart.com contains the beginnings of a body of work that I am excited to dive further into. While I am open to further explorations of the combination of my work with photography, the beauty of these iconic paintings is currently inspiring me and I encourage you to check the work out.
I am also in the process of creating an interactive face tracking version of the divine reflections, a project which utilizes my engineering background and allows the core message of the series, that we are all divine, to shine through. This work will ultimately allow anyone with the interest to create a divine reflection of themselves, putting control of the artistic process in the hands of the subject. More details on that project can be found in my proposal to rhizome.org.



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